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GPS Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking

GPS Tracking System

Technowise Solution, is the foremost among companies who provide GPS based vehicle tracking systems and vehicle monitors. We can assure you that our GPS tracking Devices are updated and can provide the best services in UAE. We understand the vehicle security requirements of various industries and cater all of them with our GPS tracking solutions.
At Technowise Solution, we make sure that you get immediate solution to your GPS tracking requirements at the best rates. With a history of highly satisfying service delivery to a number of clients for the past one decade, we stand as the most preferred partner for GPS vehicle tracking system in UAE.

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Our Services

 Reduced Operation Costs
 Real time performance alerts
 Vehicle Recovery
 School Bus Tracking
 Fewer Vehicle Violation
 Monitor Idle Time
 Vehicle Breakdown Times
 Fuel Savings
 Delivery Tracking
 Sales Field Tracking
 Electronic Log Book
 No go area restrictions
 Alert of Over speeding
 Improved surveillance and security solutions
 RFID based driver identification
 Improved Communication