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Data Recovery Services

Fast & Reliable Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Services

Technowise Solution are the UAE’s leading experts in data recovery and hard disc repair, recovering data from broken and damaged hard disc for more than a decade. We have a professional and secure team of experts offering services for desktop, laptop, hard drives, Raid systems, USB devices, cctv & dvr across the UAE. If you have got a broken hard drive, or have a situation where you can no longer access your data, we are able to locate the problem repair the hard disc and recover the data for you.
We provide data recovery and hard drive recovery services for small and medium businesses, individuals, and corporates. We treat every order with 100 % data confidentiality & we work extensively with different clients and have gathered tremendous experience in successful data recovery services.

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Our Services

 Hard Drive Recovery
 SSD Recovery
 RAID & Server Recovery
 Mobile Phone / Tablet Data Recovery
 Lost and Deleted Files
 MACs
 External & USB Drivers